MakeupbyMario Masterclass

So if you guys follow me (@makeupby_lima) on Instagram you’d know that yesterday I attended Mario’s London Masterclass. I was extremely overwhelmed to have attended he’s second masterclass in London and take a picture with the King of Contour himself. 

I loved every second of the masterclass and didn’t want to blink incase I miss something, I don’t think I’ve ever concentrated this much on something before. During the Masterclass Mario demonstrated a very timeless warm smoked but blended look almost Charlotte Tilbury-esk look. I was definately amazed at how many layers he applied and the makeup didn’t not look a single bit cakey or OTT. The key to this was working in extremely fine layers and damn it worked wonders. 

Mario went through all the products he used and was happy for the audience to shout out questions which he answered whilst he worked. I must say he has such a funny sense of humour and abit sarcastic which made the Masterclass a good laugh at the same time. 

He also started working on one area of the face left it and went back to it at a later stage which I also do, it just allows you to see judge whether or not it will be OTT or not and allows you to perfect it, perfectionist much!? Edna (the model) looked like a goddess with a glow from within. She looked absolutely stunning on camera and off camera.

The legendary artist also spoke of the days before he was recognised worldwide, he’s icons and how he’s career kick started which really added that personal touch. 

I wish we had more time at the masterclass to have a chat with Mario and ofcourse take more pictures.

In addition, I also felt that Edna’s skin was too perfect and I’m sure others would agree with me on this but people in the audience wanted to see Mario work with problematic skin or even deeper skin tones as the generally have more pigmented areas which are harder to conceal. To see how he overcomes these issues as not everyone is luck enough to have flawless skin. 

Mario’s wise words of wisdom

Whilst applying makeup he emphasised a few points which were makeup has no rules; there are no wrongs and rights when it comes to makeup which I believe in 110% and I think often people tend to forget that concept and they think we have to follow EVERY SINGLE thing STEP BY STEP that they may have seen a youtouber do,which isn’t the case majority of the time. Often when people say they are self taught they normally tend to learn from watching YouTube tutorials (which there is nothing wrong with) but they think they have to follow every step, however I never relied on YouTube I just tried it myself and developed my understanding therefore this is the main reason why I believe that there are no ‘wrongs and rights’ when it comes to makeup.

Mario pointed out that you don’t necessarily need the most expensive products and you can’t say things such as ‘this product will only work for this’ because that’s not the case we all have different skin and what works for one person may not work for someone else. It made me feel like some people’s questions may not have been answered as they wanted a response with brands being mentioned, however the truth is that makeup will always be trial and error. Preach Mario!  

Goody Bag

The goodbag that was provided had amazing products such as the new Abh lip palette, Laura Mercier, L’Oréal, Benefit, Beauty Blender, Sigma and many more ( if you would like an indepth post including what was in the goodbag just leave me a comment and it can be done).

(Excuse myself I look like a right idiot not even looking at my phone was too busy looking at my dslr- you can see why I wanted to take more pictures) 

The course was worth every single penny ! And I’d recommend everyone to attend Mario’s future masterclasses, who knows I might go again. It has definatley taught me a thing or two and my makeup game will be on some next level! I must say the masterclass has added more to buy products to my list. 

Before and After 

I completly forgot to take one of these, but thank god someone remember (image has be been taken from tanji.s Instagram).

I’m exctatic that I went and even more proud to be MakeupbyMario Certified!!! 

Lima x 


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