Skin Care Routine

I have combination skin, normal in most areas, a few dry patches and a tad oily t zone. I’ve always been so into makeup however not so much a skin care addict I would just use a wipe and face wash (basic af). Ofcourse as you get older you realise how vital skin care is and Ive begun taking more care of my skin. I came across the botanics range a few years ago when I was abroad and since then that’s mostly what I use as it’s worked well for me. 

Most of my skin care products are easily accessible as I use the boots botanics range which are developed with Kew Gardens. The name ‘botanics’ gives it away that it has lots of goodness extracted from plants which made me want to try them as I love natural remedies. 


My skin care routine normally consists of taking off all my makeup with a wipe or micellular water, and if I wear a full face of make up I use an oil base make up remover as it removes most of the make up in one go. 


I then start exfoliating my face, whether I have no make up or a full face off make up I always use two exfoliating face scrubs. The first one that I use is from the body shop. I then go in with a botanics range face scrub.

I like to use the body shop face scrub on my skin first as it more gentle on the skin, I use it all over my face and even take it down to my neck. I then go in with the botanics face scrub I use the mostly on my t zone, and with the rest that’s remaining on my hand I scrub my face with it. I prefer using the botanics scrub second as it is more grainy and therefore doesn’t hurt me too much. 


My final step is to go back in with another product from the botanics range which is a cleansing foam wash. I like using this last as it washes of all the grainy particles from the scrubs I use and it soothes the skin.


The final step is to ofcourse moisture the skin. I use different products depending on how my skin is looking. The boots botanics have an array of moisturisers to target different skin types, some for mature skin, dry skin and oily skin. 

The first one I purchased two years ago was the hydrating night night cream which is for combination skin. I loved it so much I re purchased it and picked up two other ones, hydrating day cream with spf in it and the hydrating day cream from the hydration burst collection which is definiatley my favourite one of all as it hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling plump! 

I also recently purchased the eye roll on and serum which I’ve been trying. The serum has helped me to not produce as much oil in my t zone which I love who wants to look sweaty!? Also one squeeze of the pipette goes a long way, I’ve done it a few times when I’ve under estimated how far it would go I’d had to use it on my face neck and hands. 

I can’t comment too much on the eye roll on yet as I haven’t used it enough. However, as far as I can tell if I use it consistently it might help with my dark circles. The coldness of the ball feels really soothing when it’s rolled around the eye. But you have to make sure you have enough product as it can pull on the skin as it very delicate around the eye which can hurt a little. 

Here are a few other products I use on my skin, the Chidem face cream and eye cream and the body shop pink grapefruit body butter. I normally use these products when my skin is feeling extra dry. Chidem also has an amazing range of skin care products which are made from natural products and the best part of it all is that she really caters to your skin care needs and can make products for you. Don’t forget to use the code ’20FEB’ to get 20% off your purchase (lasts till the end of Feb).

My favourite range from the body shop is the pinkgrape fruit collection because it smells so refreshing! I tend not to use the body butter too much as I feel it’s thick and cloggs my pores up so I mix it with the botanics creams and use it. 

And finally the last product I use are my eos lip balms for my lips. I use to use the rosy lips Vaseline before however I feel like it don’t hydrate my lips like it use to so I use these. 

I’ve gone on so much about the boots botanics range your ought to think I was sponsored by them but I’m not. I genuinely love there products that’s why I use them so much! I have experienced my skin becoming dry after using them like other products. There also inexpensive and boots always do offers so it won’t break the bank if you wanted to give them a try. 

I also use a lot of natural ingredients on my skin such as Rose water, aloe vera gel from the plant and almond oil.

What works for me may not always work for you , however I’m sure the botanics range would have something better suited for your skin type . 

Where to purchase from:

Botanics products –

Body Shop products –

Garnier and Eos products –

Chidem products –

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 
Lima x 


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