Makeup essentials when travelling

Recently I went away for a little break to the serene island of Sicily. After coming back I thought it would be great for my next post to be a ‘what to pack’ guide when travelling and you want to still look good but don’t want to take all your makeup with you.

My plan for this mini holiday was to go from London to Sicily, Sicily to Rome, Rome to Venice, Venice to Sicily and then back to London.Involved  lots of travelling as you can tell! Hence I wanted to travel light as I didn’t want to loose anything but still be able to create different looks. 

What I packed:



contour kit


eyebrow kit

eyeshadow palette




Even for me I find that’s abit too much as I don’t tend to apply foundation, eyeshadow and mascara on a daily basis, but I packed it as I thought why not and I’d probably go for a nice dinner and I’d want my skin to look good. 

If I’m honest I could condense this list down a lot more to just my concealer, brow kit, contour kit, lipstick and eyeliner. Some products can easily be used for other purposes and not just what they’re actually for, for example liquid lipsticks can be used as blusher and contour kit as eyeshadow and so fourth. 

Palettes are my thing ! I literally love them because I can never decide on one blusher when going away because I like to change it up depending on my outfit. It’s saves so much space by having all the colours that you need all in one place. It also saves you so much time as you don’t have to rummage through your makeup bag looking for a particular blusher. I took my Nars Foreplay  palette as it has pink and peach blusher, and a highlighter. Meaning I could apply the blusher I fancied depending on my outfit. 

I also packed my Huda beauty rose gold palette purely for the reason that I might want abit more sparkle for one of my evening looks. It’s the perfect versatile palette as it has both matte and shimmery shades which are perfect for creating day looks and night looks, I just wished the matte eyeshadows were more pigmented. 

The last palette I packed was my nyx sculpting palette (powder highlighting and contour palette) oh and not to forget my Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brow book. These are two products that I can’t go without, essential! I normally used my Abh contour book but please that will take more space than anything and would make everything so heavy, no thanks! So I opted for a smaller version that is much more travel friendly and does the job. For the brow book I don’t go anywhere without my brows filled in. No brows , no going out ! 

Finally for the lips I packed two lip liners, one dark and one nude I took these to use as a base to extend the longetivity of my lipsticks so I didn’t have to top up much and for those dark streaky lipsticks (not a very good look) . I packed a nude liquid lipstick with a brown undertone , a pink lipstick, red lipstick and maroon. The lipsticks can easily be mixed with eachother to create more.

Most importantly, dont forget to take your skin care products with you. Its so important to find products that works well for you and try to stick the products your skin is use to to prevent your skin becoming irritated and breaking out or even drying out. I use a lot of botanics products which can be purchased from boots, if you want a post on skin care let me know and it can be done. 

Hope you liked this post, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @makeupby_lima x


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