Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette First Impression

Ofcourse I purchased this too! I got this palette for two main reasons. One , I didn’t manage to get my hands on the modern renaissance palette and they have similar colours. Two , I’ve been wanting to purchase the Stila magnifiecent foils which are like £30 something each and the colours I want I never seem to find when I have look. I thought it would be a good buy as it’s a mix of both products I wanted.

The palette retailed at £56, I purchased mine on cult beauty as I wouldn’t have to fork out on custom charges. I did think it was expensive for a palette, more so when I received it as it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. However I wasn’t too fussed as I know  I’d pay a lot more if I was to buy the modern renaissance palette and magnificent foils.
I love most of the colours in the palette, not so much the bubble gum pink but that’s just me as i don’t love pink called ‘flamingo’ but im sure Ill use it in my crease to add colour. The colours that Huda have put in this palette are perfect for everyday looks and glammed up looks. In general they are my go to colours as I tend to use lots of creams and browns. 

The idea behind the palette was amazing , this palette  is very versatile as it contains matte, shimmer and foil eyeshadows. It’s multifunctional used would be good for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts that travel and don’t want to carry too much. 

In terms of colour with the matte eyeshadows I wasn’t wowed, I felt that they’re wasn’t a great payoff to get the colours very intense you would have to build it up. The eyeshadows could’ve been a bit more intense. On the other hand I love the foiled shadow they certainly do have a great pay off. I would definetly say that when using the foiled shadows you can feel that some have a lot more moisture locked into them than others I prefer it with more moisture as the shadow glided on perfectly and isn’t flakey. The foiled shadows with a little less moisture you’d have to take more time to build it up to pack the eye. 

I’m pretty mixed on this palette at the moment, I guess this is purely because I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to play around with it as I’d liked. I will be taking it on holiday with me so hopefully I’ll fall in love with it! However this does not mean I’d stop purchasing Huda’s product I couldn’t do that because I love them ! 


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