Nyx Glitter Liners

Hi everyone, here’s a post on my glitter liners.

I purchased 5 Nyx glitter liners from boots when they launched in Westfeild. I got them in crystal aqua, crystal pink, crystal hip, crystal silver and crystal silk. 

(I completely forgot I had crystal hip so I will add swatches for it later) 

Top to bottom (crystal aqua, crystal pink, crystal silver and crystal silk.

The liners retail at £5.50 each, I purchased to give them a try as I love glitter. Nyx have a lovely range of colours but most of the products are out of stock as they sell out so fast ! I love the colours that I purchased I must say crystal silk is my favourite out of all of them as it can easily be used with any colour to glam up and complete a makeup look.

As you can see by looking at the swatches I done most of the glitters liners are equally distributed with one swipe but can be built up to ensure glitter can be packed on. 

I find that when applying my glitter eyeliner I experience stinging/burning sensation (normally whilst applying and when the glitter is still wet). However I don’t think this is the brand itself I have experienced the same thing when applying other glitters. 

The liners also become patchy after it dries and chunks of glitter also becomes missing. As I experienced this I tried the glitter with just a primer and eyeshadows as well as no primer to see if the glitter would stay. However I had the same results and I managed to picture it so you could see what I mean.

Here are also a few looks I created using the glitter liners.

Nyx has a good range of colours but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any more of the glitter liners till the formula is changed as I like my glitter to stay on my lids. Have any of you purchased these liners ? What do you think of them? 

Lima X 


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