Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes 

After seeing soo many posts on the infamous liquid mattes and hearing so many good reviews on them they finally arrived in the UK which I was so pleased about as I had my eye on many shades that I wanted. Wanted and purchased were two different stories , I knew this would happen but I ended up purchasing them all ! I know many people might say ‘do you really need that many?!’ But I have this thing for having a complete collection don’t ask me why. When they were being delivered I was on a little break and I was dying to go home as I couldn’t wait to start using them ! 


You can tell its a Huda beauty product as she always adds her signature stamp to it the sliding box with an image , simple yet recognisable ! I just love her packaging. Every liquid matte packaging has an image of lips at the front in the corresponding colour of the liquid matte. On each side there is the same colour and the name of the shade written to help you easily know which liquid matte your picking up. As for the bottle, it is clear frosted with a semi matte black applicators handle. 


I must say when I first saw swatches I had a list ready with the colours I wanted. I love every shade that Huda created including Vixen as don’t normally like brown lipsticks but I would ombré it. Some of them are very similar in colour but have different undertones like Bombshell and Venus so you don’t necessarily have to purchase both shades. Icon, trophy wife, famous , material girl, muse and cheerleader are the ones that I reach out for the most. 

The liquid matte has a doe-foot applicator which makes it easy to apply on the lips. The formula it self is light and takes a few seconds to dry and it does not dry your lips out like other matte lipsticks which I love about them the most. I wouldn’t say that they smell like coconuts but definitely have a sweet aroma to them. I normally get funny with scented products lipsticks in particular if they are too sweet they make me feel sick, but they’re not sickening.

They do last a long time even when eating, I wore mine for over 10 hours without a top up. Do consider that the longetivey of the liquid matte depends on what you eat, as I wore material girl to a BBQ and the oily food made liquid matte come off. 

I would say they’re abit on the pricey side at £18 each containing 5ml of product. It definatley adds up when you buy a few but Huda beauty products are much more easily accessible now as you can get them at harrods so you can slowly start collecting them if it is too much to purchase all at ones. I purchased mine on cult beauty where I regularly order beauty products from as they are so reliable and literally came within 2 days of ordering them.

Now I can’t wait for the huda beauty rose gold edition eyeshadow palette to come out! 

What are your favourite shades?

Lima X 


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