A pop of colour 

I’m im love with Amrezy’s pictures that she posts, especially the close ups of her eye makeup. So I decided to do a look that was in her style with the headpiece.

For this look I used 


– Nude eyeshadow base

Anastasia Beverly Hills 

-pro bro book in medium brown for my brows 

Urban decay  

Vice 4 palette 

-bitter in the crease

-delete all over the kids as a base 

-crow bar on the lid

-framed on the brow bone 

Naked 2 palette 

– black out on the outter c

Electric palette

 -thrash in the inner corner 

peekaboo_weseeyou lashes 

The lashes are light and easy to apply, they have areas where the lashes are more dense and other areas not so dense. I tend to wrap false lashes around my finger or a brush to help reshape and soften them as sitting in the packaging for a while can make them abit too stiff when wanting to apply them.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Next post will be on my huda beauty liquid mattes.

Lima X 


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