Champagne Collection Face Palette

Yes ! Another palette added to my ever growing collection. If I’m very honest I wasn’t too bothered about trying to get my hands on the face palette but I knew I had to purchase Prosecco pop when it comes out individually. I didn’t manage to get it in store I definitely did not expect there to be a waiting list ! So I checked online to find it in stock. (SpaceNK if you were wondering)

The retail price for the palette is £48 containing three blushers and two highlighters. It was also free delivery and arrived with in 3 days.

In the images I’ve taken the blushers appear more subtle than they actually are. They’re a lot more warmer and the pink blushers definitely has a pop ! (The second image shows a true colour of the blushers and highlighters) without a doubt warms the face and gives a beautiful glow.

I’ve never bought any Becca blushers before so I can’t comment on whether the texture has changed or not, however I’ve realised with the highlighters that they are not as creamy as my individual Becca  highlighter I’ve got but the colour was not compromised. 

Rose Spritz – peachy pink with flecks of gold (shimmer)

Amaretto – warm tone brown (matte)

Pamplemousse – bright pink (matte)

Champagne Pop – peachy tone highlighter

Prosecco Pop – gold tone highlighter

Anyways enough talking now moving on to the swatches… 

As two of the blushers are matte you can easily mix them with the highlighters or even blusher to achieve a sheen effect. I tend to mix Rose Spritz and Amaretto a lot as I feel they balance each other out.

I must say a little does go a long way and last such a long time! In the image above I mixed Rose Spritz and Amaretto together and applied it very lightly and used Prosecco Pop to highligh my face (defo one of my most reached for highlighter now).

I hope you enjoyed my post, follow me on Instagram if you already don’t (@makeupby_lima) as I post a lot more regularly and include all product details used for my looks.

Lima X 


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