Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Hi everyone, hope your all well. Just going to dive straight into this post. 

So I purchased 10 lip kits as you all know, 8 of which are mine whilst 2 were for a friend. I purchased most of the matte colours except True Brown K as I didn’t feel it was a colour I’d like. I decided to purchase them all together as I thought it would workout better instead of constantly paying customs when ordering a different lipkit.

I am aware that you either recieve a good batch or bad batch of lip kits. Thank god after all that wait they were good ones ! Otherwise I’d be really annoyed lol.


The pencil is creamy and moisturises the lips  , and both pencil and liquid lipstick glide on the lips perfectly ! They all last very long! I applied Mary Jo K at 11am and took it off at 11pm and it was still on my lips, even after eating nor did I top it up. By the end of the night it only smudged the tiniest amount. However it was nothing noticeable that would’ve made me look like the joker. 

Here’s swatches of them beside eachother so you can compare them all. 

All of the lipkits feel very light, and dry matte after a few seconds, thankfully they don’t dry your lips unlike other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. However, exposed is a tad thicker in texture than the rest. They also have a sweet scent to them but nothing sickening, candy / vanilla like scent. 

In terms of colour they are have very good pigmentation. 

Exposed – peachy nude 

Koko K – baby pink 

Kourt K – deep purple 

Mary Jo K – classic cool tone red 

22 – burnt orange 

Posie K – mauve tone pink

Dolce – brown tone nude 

Candy K – pink tone nude 

(These are how they turned out on me, they will be different on each individual) 


The lip kits arrived in a black box which had her name inside for you to see when you open it , and white dipping liquid look around the flaps of the box. Each black box had a piece of foam inside to protect the lip kits which in transit to minimise the risk of defects. 

Kylies lip kit logo is on the front of the box with the ‘dripping liquid look’ on the lips in the colour of the lipkit inside the box. It also has the colour of the lip kit around the box with the name of the colour written on top. Inside the box there is a fla made of card which separates the box into two compartments , this allows you to put the lip liner in one side and the liquid lipstick in the other side. Definitely unique and quirky which I love !

There are also three new shades that should be releasing soon ( Malibu , Kristen and Ginger ) and of course I want those colours too ! 

Cost / Shipping 

Finally it brings me to the cost of the lipkits and shipping, as you all know the lip kits are $29 each which ends up just over £20 each for a lip liner and liquid lipstick (which I think is pretty good as you can spend that alone one one lipstick sometimes). Before anyone asks yes I did get hit with customs , just my luck ! Which ended up just over £60 for all 10. 

In conclusion, I would recommend the lip kits as they are pigmented , creamy and last a very long time. The package it self took literally over a month to arrive, customs charges can also put you off purchasing products from outside Europe they certainly do put me off! But it’s better than paying £30 – £40 or even more sometimes for an individual lip kit like you see on some instagram pages. I know they sell out in the first 30 minutes just make sure your on the website when there’s any updates on a restock. Plus you know that the product had been tested and is safe for use which is most important !

Hope you guys liked this post , follow me on Instagram if you already don’t (@makeupby_lima) as post on there regularly, and have been doing little lip tutorials with the lipkits!

Lima X 


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