Makeup Haul 

So I did another haul! (When aren’t I? I feel like I’m constantly purchasing different products, who else feels the same?) however this was something I’ve wanted a while but never got round to purchasing it as they’re FOREVER sold out. I managed to purchase the Kylie Jenner lip kits and literally every single matte shade except True Brown K. 

I saw that Kylie was doing a restock, and I had to purchase them. I was itching to buy something as I was on a ‘no buy’ that never ever ends up working. I found out the UK restock time was 11pm, so I sat in bed with my phone in one hand and card in the other hand ready to buy every matte lipkit. I repeadily kept refreshing the page as I thought the screen froze thinking I wouldn’t be able to purchase them. Anyways the website was back up with all the products in stock so I just kept adding to my cart. I managed to do all that and pay for them by 11.15pm.

Purchasing them was one thing , but actually receiving them was another. I waited over a month for them just to enter into the UK , when you can track them and you know that it’s in the UK but not with you is the most frustrating feeling ever , I just wanted to go to them location and get my lipkits ! If anyone is wondering , yes I got hit with customs (just my luck). I was slightly disappointed for another reason, after that long wait I had a missing lip kit ! 

Ofcourse, I had to also purchase the new Anastasia Beverly Hills sun dipped pallete. I’ve seen so many gorgeous swatches of these and most of all I love my other two palettes, how could I not add it to my collection and complete the trio? 

Last but not least, is my Huda Beauty lip contour. As I ordered my sun dipped pallete from Cult Beauty I thought I might as well add video star to my collection as it was in stock. The sun dipped palette and lip contour did not take long at all to arrive , I love ordering from Cult ! 

I have not had the chance to use the products that I have purchased, but I will be doing swatches soon ! Keep an eye out on my Instagram (@makeupby_lima) 

Lima X 


2 thoughts on “Makeup Haul 

  1. Aww lovely haul. I want to purchase the lip kits but the long wait in delivery and custom is just not worth it. Hopefully, Kylie one day will have ger own store. Good post. Did you manage to get your lost kit? Mumtaz x


    1. Thank you, it took forever for the lip kits to arrive! Thank god they were all a good batch, and the missing one finally arrived. However customs wasn’t great ! I’d purchase a lot more products if it wasn’t for those damn customs lol X

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