Highlighter Addiction! 

Hey everyone ! This title obviously gives it away , this post is going to be about highlighters ! I haven’t always been this obsessed with highlighters but over the last two years my addiction is just crazy ! This obsession started when I made my Instagram and I started seeing all these lovely pictures of highlighter collections! Ever since then I’ve constantly been buying highlighters !

One of the first highlighters I bought was the Guerlain ‘Sun In The City’ highlighter. The size of the highlighter and the pretty intricate detail made me give in I had to have it !

Top 3 highlighters 


One of my top 3 highlighters have to be the topshop highlighter in the shade ‘Horizon’, this is an amazing bronze tone highlighter that is £10 which you can not go wrong with ! Definitely gives that glow. I started using this one as an everyday highlighter, as I didn’t want to use my other highlighters on normal days. Apparently now there is a new topshop highlighter, which is a more gold shade which I will definitely be buying ! I didn’t realise how amazing topshop makeup is , and to top it all off its super affordable!  It also looks like a dupe of ‘Mimosa’ from the gleam kit.

The highlighter is best suited to medium to deep skin tones. I personally think it would be too dark for light skin tones. However as Topshop have another highlighter that one may be better suited for lighter skin tones. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills glow/ gleam kits are my next favourite to go to highlighter. I apply them when I’m going out and special occasions, they are super pigmented which I love , a little goes a long way. They retail for £40 each and can be purchased on Cult Beauty / Beauty Bay. When I want a more golden glow I tend to use the glow kit, ‘Sun Burst’ is my favourite from that palette, absolutely love the colour. I tend to use the lightest pan from the palette on the highest points on my face to achieve a high cheek bone ! 

If I want a silvery / pinkish glow I use my gleam kit ‘Crushed Pearl’ is definitely my fav from this palette. I also use this on the highest points on my face to achieve that high cheekbone look. At first I wasn’t so keen on the pinkish tones highlighters , however I’ve begun to warm to them. I don’t necessarily use them as a highlighter but I use the smallest amount on areas where I apply my blusher for a more shimmery effect. I also use ‘Star Burst’ and ‘Hard Candy’ as a more transitional shade between my highlighter and blusher so that they blend together and to not end up with a very strong harsh line of highlighter! (Not a good look) 

Before the glow kits were released I was thinking there are so many palettes out there but not a highlighter palette , we need one. Then BANG Anastasia released a few images of the kits and I was like yassssssssss ! You know what they say about great minds think alike and all that. When purchasing I couldn’t choose between the too so I ended up buying both. I love both the kits as they have colours well suited for every skin tone ! It just depends on what type of colour you highlighters you prefer. 

I also have Anastasia’s contour book which comes with a few highlighters, if your after a more subtle glow i’d go for one of them. They add a light glow to the face so you can achieve the natural glow/ healthy glow look.

Becca Jaclynn Hill Colaboration

Finally, it brings me to my most favourite highlighter which has to be my Becca Champagne Pop. I saw such lovely pictures of different Becca highlighters, and yet again couldn’t decide whether to purchase ‘Opal’ or ‘Moonstone’. Anyways it was perfect timing for the Champagne Pop to be released in the UK, I’ve seen so many nice swatches of the highlighter and I fell in love with it instantly. So I bought that one instead. It was £32 and you can get them on Cult Beauty 

Personally I think it is the best highlighter, it’s so versatile and can be used on all skin tones.It certainly gives my face a pop of gorgeous glowy-ness! It literally melts on to your skin and lasts for such a long time. 

Jaclyn has a new palette that will be out in the US I don’t mind not being able to get my hands on the palette although I’ll probably try , but I see a new highlighter called ‘Proseco Pop’ that I want to get my hands on hopefully it will be sold seperately too. 

I apply highlighter on my cheekbones , tear ducts, nose , cupid’s bow and my brow bone using a fan brush of course after seeing Amrezy use one! You don’t need to top up on any of there highlighters unless you want to look like a disco ball! 
I have so many highlighters, as you can see in the little video. I just can’t bring myself to used some of them as they’re just so pretty and I don’t want to lose that intricate detail on them such my Dior and Guerlain ! What are your favourite highlighters? 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. @makeupby_lima follow me on Instagram if you already don’t as I post on there more frequently.

Lima x


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