Morphe Brushes Haul

Hi guys ! So this is my second post and the title clearly gives away what this post is going to be about. Recently I did a morphe brushes haul which I purchased from cult beauty. 

I’ve heard so many good reviews on the morphe brushes palettes, and I had to buy them ! I’m not going to lie I found it so difficult to choose which eye shadow palette I should order. In the end I ordered the 35T palette  which has more taupe tones, and as you can see I also bought the blush palette and concealer palette. 

So here’s a closer picture of the concealer palatte. As you can see there are a good range of colours in the palette it self, with colours for skin that have yellow and pink undertones. The coverage of the concealers are light yet buildable. I found that it looked better on the skin when applied with a brush rather than with your fingers but that’s based on an individual’s preference. 

The palette was described as creamy and luminous. I wouldn’t say that all the of them had the same creamy texture, but nor are they extremely dry, as I did not use any fix+ to help me blend them. I would say this palette is perfect for contouring , as it has range of shades and you don’t want a orangey shade to contour with , that’s a big no no! 

By having just a variety of colours it allows you to mix colours together to make a unique colour suited for your skin at an affordable price ( no need for breaking the bank) which I love about this palette ! I haven’t tested how long the concealer lasts, but will do that in a future post otherwise this one would be super long !

Moving on to the next product.. The blush palette ! 

My first impression of this palette when I opened the lid was ‘crap how am I going to wear some of these colours’ I’ve seen Huda use it so many times on her channel that I had to purchase it ! 

1st row 

2nd row 

3rd row 

In the swatches above I only did one swipe ! You can see how pigmented they are which may explain why I was worried about wearing them. However after playing with the colours I’m starting to like the brighter shades. 

This palette is perfect for all year round as it has subtle colours for the winter , and bright colours for summer ! The best way to apply these are using a big fluffy brush with the smallest amount of pressure so you don’t end up with a colour explosion on your cheek lol. 

Now for the final Morphe brushes product. The eyeshadow palette in 35T. I had a difficult time picking this as I just wanted them all and Morphe have such gorgeous palettes.

I love how it has a mixture of finishes in the palett both matte finish and shimmery finish  eyeshadows and not to forget the variety of colours!

1st row 

2nd row 

3rd row

4th row 

5th row 
I absolutely love love love this palette ! As you can see from my swatches they’re super pigmented (and its only one swipe) and I LOVED the texture of the eyeshadows itself ; they’re so amazing buttery and definatly meets the description they’ve been given. They blend so effortlessly and photography amazingly ! I will 110% be purchasing more eyeshadow palettes probably the 35o as I’m loving the warm tone colours! 

Overall , you can not go wrong with the price. I did expect the concealer palette to be a lot more creamier however maybe I need to play around with the palette and see how it goes. I love the blush and eyeshadow palette and certainly will be buying more eyeshadows ! Furthermore , these palettes are perfect for travelling as they are extremely light weight,slim and the variety of colours allows you to not require carrying hundreds of products !

I hope you enjoy reading my post, feel free to ask questions. If your not already make sure you follow my Instagram @makeupby_lima

Lima X 


2 thoughts on “Morphe Brushes Haul

    1. I’m so glad you like my review, The 35T palette is AMAZING ! I will defo be doing a makeup look will them you’ll find them on my Instagram and in future posts 🙂


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